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Our focus is Financial Management, which can come from;

  • Process Improvement
  • Financial Controls
  • Profit Improvement
  • Forecasting
  • Scenario Planning
  • Strategy

Each business has it's own requirements, and not all of the above will be needed.  

Your business maybe swamped by processes passed on from one employee to another, the "This is the way we have always done it".  From the outside in, we can look at what you do and provide a road map to improving your processes, even get stuck in if that is needed.  

If you feel like you don't have control or understand the current position of the business, implementing financial controls will be of benefit. This will include full and then regular balance sheet and cost reconciliations. A full reconciliation is key, to identify any overspend that needs clawing back, then the control is to reconcile this regularly against third party data to ensure this does not happen again.


Profit improvement, have you had time to review what the business spends it's money on.  When you are in the middle of the day to day running of a business it can be hard to dedicate time to this, a review of where you are followed by actions can help improve the bottom line, ultimately improving that dividend you want to take. 


Forecasting is important to track the progress of a business, or identify problem area's.  For example, a cash flow forecast will benefit a cash constraint business, it will identify when a cash injection may be needed for a short period of time.

Thinking outside the box, thought provoking, what term you like to use, thinking about the future, and ways to grow, be more profitable is an exciting part of business.  We have worked for a variety of organisations, with a variety of needs, helping them to move forward.

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